Wednesday, July 18, 2007

B.A.B. at AcousticFest

We were one of the sponsors of AcousticFest this year in Manitowoc (Sunday, July 15). It was a great day in every respect: music, weather, friends, beer, wine, work and relaxation. I include work because I began the day at 8:00 helping to set things up, and after the event taking things down, but that was fun so to call it "work" wouldn't be fair. In any event, one of the interesting things about the day and those since then is the response that the Stumpjack banner has been getting. It is a huge banner, and started a little buzz at the park that is still being talked about today (Wednesday, three days after the concert). Here are a few of the comments we've heard thus far:
  • A couple different people at the park referred to it as "that B.A.B. of yours" (Big Ass Banner).
  • "You can see that thing from the space shuttle!"
  • "I stepped out onto my porch and saw your banner, so I thought we'd come see the show," from Mike Zimmer, who lives in Two Rivers.
  • "What the hell are you going to do with that thing after this show?"
  • "Holy cow!"
  • "Holy sh*t!"
  • "Do you see this big banner behind me...for Stumpjack Coffee Company..." from Pat MacDonald.
  • "They look like ants under it!" from a friend in the cafe today, after seeing the blog pics.
  • "What are you compensating for with that?"
  • "Hahahahahaaaa...oh man..."
  • "Now that is a big freakin' banner..."
  • "This is the best ****ing advertising you ever got..." from Pete Honzik, event organizer, midway through the concert.
  • "How are we gonna get that up there?" from all of us setting things up in the morning.
  • "Think ya went big enough!?"
  • "Outstanding!"
  • "What is this, StumpjackFest?"
  • "I'm getting a bigger one next year, 16' x 16'," from Joe Donati of Lakeshore Cigar Company.
  • "That is awesome...totally awesome!"
  • During the roll call of sponsors mentioned between acts: "Hey, they didn't mention Stumpjack Coffee." Next person waves hand at stage and replies, "Do they have to?"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beach Blanket Bingo, Baby!

Pulled these two images from a series that Two Rivers City Manager, Greg Buckley, sent out that showed Neshota Beach here in town just full of people, diggin' the water, weather and cool beach vibe.
Mighty nice to see...

Take that Florida! Take that California! Take that sunny Caribbean!
(Ok, I may be stretching things a bit there...but it's still great to see people having fun and enjoying the great resource that is Lake Michigan.)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Persimmons Gold

Like most creative people I just have too many varied interests to fit thematically into a single blog, and too much of an ego that thinks that whatever I have to say or share will be of eminent interest to the rest of the world. So, where "A Stumpjumper's Meandering" will continue to focus on the things of Stumpjack Coffee Company, the Stumptoons blog will be an amalgam of my own personal interests and stuff I find to be fun.

For this first post I want to show three cool tiki glasses I got from my friend Kim's gallery shop (I'll share my entire tiki mug collection on here at some point because, while there seem to be hundreds of blogs and sites out there that do that very thing, there can still never be too many tiki mug collection sites). These are Siesta Ware frosted glasses, with wood handles and gold colored metal bands, with imagery showing pineapples, dugout canoe, palm trees on an island horizon, drum & spear, tropical fish and flowers. Very cool.

Kim's shop, Persimmons, is a real treasure, as are Kim and her husband, Glen...they are a must-stop if you're traveling through Manitowoc.