Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why I don't post on the local newspaper forum

Wednesday. The first day of the Stumpjack week...our Monday really. Lots of little and big online tasks to try to get done today (updating blogs and sending out a newsletter), along with the usual in-shop duties like making cold brewed coffee, getting groceries, making a quiche (Kim does that...mmm, mmm, good) and making gelato. Made a yummy cinnamon vanilla, peach, raspberry, and a darn hot and spicy chocolate gelato today. That one is definitely not for sissies, little children or certain online forum participants.

I continue to get asked why I no longer participate on the newspaper chat forum. I don't think I've posted anything other than a couple posts pertaining to Pato Banton's gig at Ethnic Fest last week. The simple reason is that I just don't care for the negativity and stupidity that is now so rampant on the forum. The newspaper's forum has pretty much become a cesspool of negativity largely inhabited by bitter sourpusses who seem to think they possess some special level of wisdom or insight (and worse, who also seem to believe that other people actually want to hear their grumbling dissatisfaction with the world). The forum didn't used to be that way. Of course there are/were always a few grumblers who complain about almost anything. But they have become the overwhelming majority nowadays. There used to be more of a sense of humor, some level of mutual respect and even actual dialogue between opposing views on any particular issue. No longer. Cynicism, rudeness and the desire to yell the loudest and have the last word are the order of the day on the forum now.

People hide anonymously behind screen names and snipe cowardly without accountability or any sense of courteousness. They appear to take pleasure in other people's misfortunes. Gossip has replaced genuine conversation.
I just don't care for that low level of dialogue, where precious few intellectuals are so outnumbered by ill-mannered churls. Conversations that might begin thoughtfully enough become peppered with rude and outright stupid interjection by the unwashed mass.

Thanks but no thanks. I'm generally not interested in even superficially scanning what's on there anymore. Hope that puts the question to rest now. Onto better things...