Friday, May 22, 2009

Another day in the pines.

Cheyenne making smores.
We hit the cottage again this past Monday and Tuesday. Even more gorgeous out than the week before. Kim worked on her mosaic mirror. I field tested the hammock. The girls did some painting and walking. We took a walk down a trail through the woods, afternoon sunlight streaming through the trees at an angle, and hundreds of shiny little black dragonflies fluttering up from the ground ahead of us as we walked, shimmering in the warm sunlight. A very cool scene.
King for a day.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Two beautiful days in the northwoods

Last Sunday Kim and I took off for my parent's cottage outside of Cecil, near Shawano for a couple of days of R&R. We needed to mellow out from the junk from the week before concerning a crummy story about the shop in the local paper and we needed to outline our summer plan of attack for Stumpjack. I also wanted to do a little art work and painting and Kim wanted to start a new mosaic.
Leinies 1888 Bock and a La Vieja Habana

Laying some wood

It was a wonderful 2½ days. The weather was great, with Tuesday morning hitting around 70°. We took a couple of good long walks each day and my knee handled it well, which was a relief. Experimented with some breakfast pizza recipes for consideration at the Stump, made some awesome hamburgers, and enjoyed some mighty fine beer.
Doing some painting while enjoying a Crystal Springs Honey Ale and a 5 Vegas Series 'A' cigar. The ale is a delicious homebrew courtesy of friend Brian Jensen...although there is some question as to how good a friend he really is since he only gave me one bottle of his brew. Not to worry, Brian, I'll give you an opportunity to rectify this woeful disparity. Click the image to enlarge.