Friday, July 25, 2008

Lower the bridge ye varlets!

Mike Zimmer and Kim before the big walk-over.

This past Wednesday (July 23rd) Two Rivers had a little street party to celebrate the opening of the new Madison Street bridge. Maybe 500 or more in attendance with a few hundred at the ribbon cutting and ceremonial walk over the bridge (and it is a fine looking bridge). It was also the first night of our new hours change at Stumpjack (we closed at 4:00, which meant that Kim and I, and Jesse and her friend Bree) could actually attend the event! Yeehaa! How cool is it that this town puts together a celebration with music, food and drink and a ribbon cutting for a bridge opening...and gets a great turnout to boot (but can you believe that a few folks grumbled, before the celebration, about the serving of beer at this thing...good grief! Philistines!). Click here to go to the Flickr page of pics. Jeff Dawson took some for the Lester Library Flickr site too (Jeff has lots of great pictures of stuff going on in the area...well worth viewing his camera work).

Greg Buckley thanking everyone who had a hand in the new bridge.

The tail end of the walk-over.

Kayak flotilla under the bridge.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hangin' with our amigos in Door County

Last Monday (July 14) Kim and I drove up for an overnight at the cottage of our friends Marty & Lori Suettinger. Actually, it is Marty's aunt's cottage, and it's outside of Sturgeon Bay right on the water. The place is cute, the weather was fantastic, Marty and Lori were great hosts and great cooks, and we had a totally wonderful and relaxing evening. Lori's son Thomas and a couple of his pals were there lighting fireworks in the evening, and Lori's cousin Jessica (I think she was a cousin) and her boyfriend Kyle came over from Sturgeon Bay to hang out for a while too. Great time...thanks Marty and Lori!

Here's a few pics from a disc Marty just dropped off. He takes tons of pics of anything and everything, and here's his own Flickr site: