Monday, August 27, 2007

No more shaving with my bowie knife

It's Monday morn here at the Scandinavian Lodge in Sister Bay...nice place, with an outdoor pool, long and roomy 3rd floor balcony, gas fireplace (that we haven't yet used), and a big whirlpool bath to soak away whatever's bugging you. The weather has been fabulous (and the trees are already starting to change color up here! C'mon, it's August, fer cryin' out loud!). It's so nice taking my time getting up and getting ready for the day.

I want to share with you a product experience that I found to be surprisingly good and worthwhile. My normal week finds me getting up early, sometime between 5:00 and 5:30, taking a quick cold shower to wake up, throw something on, brush the teeth and out the door. I generally don't take the time to shave but once a week on a day we're closed and I can take my time in the bathroom in the morning. So, by week's end I'm looking fairly scruffy with a good 1/8"-plus of wiry beard growth.

Last week when Kim went to the store I asked her to pick me up some razor heads for my razor. She came back with a packet of Bic disposables...Bic Comfort 3s to be exact. I griped that they weren't what I asked for, that disposables suck and are only good for ladies shaving their legs in the shower, and that these had 3-blade heads, which I think are nothing more than a stupid marketing ploy aimed at gullible people.
I begrudgingly used it because it's all I had at the moment. That razor gave me the best, closest shave I've ever had. I was duly impressed and made the required apologies to my gal. Well, Saturday when I left to come up here to Door County I just grabbed a few clean clothes and that Bic razor and hit the road. Shaved with that same razor again this morning and it tackled my week's growth every bit as clean and slick as it did the first time...and without any shaving cream or gel, which I forgot to bring. And to further impress and surprise, the little strip that they claim gives your mug a coating of soothing aloe gel actually does...even at the second shave!

I could tell when I finished that that little green baby would still shave clean and cool the next time as well. I am very impressed and will be using those Bic Comfort 3 razors from now on. They're a far cry from those crappy one or two blade white and orange things they used to put out, where you needed to use two or three to shave your face just once before they started tearing you to shreds. And these are cheaper than the replaceable ones I'd been using. Better quality at a lower price...I guess the only thing I might change is the "disposable" aspect.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

yea, that's eactly how I feel right now...

I am shamelessly stealing this image from a post on our pal Don Seiler's blog , Mind of Seiler, because it just so perfectly hit the nail on the head for me right now. I am in a room in Door County right now, that I cannot afford but am able to take advantage of thanks to the thoughtfulness of my brother, Rod, and still cannot seem to relax from the overwhelming feeling of "too much work/too little money/why don't I just quit and move to Canada/some of you people have no damn clue/feeling sorry for myself then feeling guilty because there are many more people who have bigger things to bitch about than me" anxiety.

Friday, August 17, 2007

For the Personal Foolishness files

LRS 2006

We're disabling the current Lakeshore's Rising Stars! site in favor of a more streamlined version that Terry will be updating and keeping tabs on himself (sigh of relief...). The images above and below are my little BS bios from this year and last, on the About Us page, and I wanted to grab them off the site before I disable it and redirect the domain. It's really just for my personal archives but you can click on them if you actually care to read them.

LRS 2007

Monday, August 6, 2007

We've been Simpsonized!

Gotta run, but wanted to throw these images of Kim and myself "Simpsonized." I'll add to this post later but I gotta run right now. Go to this site (, add your picture and Simpsonize

Saturday, August 4, 2007

This week's favorite site

My current favorite web site: I'm not a surfer (yet!), but this site has tons of fun stuff to keep the mind on vacation at the beach. hundreds of great gallery images...locations, rad surf shots, babes on the beach, competitions...and links galore, to other surf sites, gear, live location updates, and and even how-to-surf info. And babes on the beach...