Friday, December 28, 2007

A couple snowy pics by me

I received a new digital camera for Christmas (thanks Pa) and took a few pictures with it today during the lovely snowstorm we're in the midst of. Haven't quite figured everything out on it yet and my pictures don't show much contrast, but the snowfall is gorgeous, with huge, fast-falling flakes sticking to everything. I did a milk run for the cafe and made a quick detour through Neshota Park...everything is muffled and quiet and beautiful.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter '07 shots by my Pa

Here are a couple of very cool pictures my Dad, Keith Smith, took last week while in Rice Lake. Years ago my Dad was a pretty serious amateur photographer. He was the photographer for the Manitowoc Lincoln wrestling team for many years and even did some photography reproduction work for the big Chicago Bears history book. And while he doesn't do the whole darkroom thing anymore he still takes a lot of pictures, many of which are high quality art works.

I think these two are quite lovely. We'll probably do a photo exhibition of some of his stuff sometime this coming year at Stumpjack Coffee Co..