Monday, July 20, 2009

My latest favorite youtube vids

First, a funnier than hell video by Punks Not Dad doing "In Me Shed." "Stirrin' up some paint!" "Havin' a quiet fag!" "Cleaning a spark plug!" "Sortin' out me cherry jars!" "Where a bloke can be a bloke!"

This vintage cigarette commercial featuring the Flintstones is classic Americana. Too funny and too bad stuff this cool could probably not be broadcast today (you can broadcast animated cartoons swearing, engaging in vulgar talk and overt sexual naughtiness, but showing tobacco is verboten!).
"They sure work hard, don't they Barney."
"Yeah, I hate to see them work so hard."
"Yeah, me too... Eh, let's go around back, where we can't see 'em."

And this one where Jerry, of Tom and Jerry, rolls a smoke like no one else, to impress a pretty female cowgirl cat. 30 seconds of animated beauty.

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