Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First homebrew and good news for Dad

Look at that gorgeous color! And the taste was just as great.
Cracked open my first homebrew yesterday. It was freaking great! Brought a bottle up to the cottage. Very tasty and a beautiful color. Enjoyed it with an equally tasty John Bull cigar. Both were great and doubly so because we just got a call from my Mom that my Dad qualified for insurance covered OT and speech therapy. He was happy and we we happy.
Everybody takes a taste.
We're at the cottage, about a half-hour from the hospital in Green Bay, taking care of their dog and their stuff at the cottage before going back to GB tonight to see how he's doing.

The beer and cigar were a nice way to cap the afternoon and enjoy the good news of his being able to get therapy that would be covered by the insurance. The downside is that one of his qualifiers is that he has lost some sight in his right eye.

More on that later. Kim wants to get on her laptop here and I don't want to sit in a coffeeshop too long - it's too nice outside.

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